Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hey there friends and family! I've only been in Alaska for a few days and there is already so much that I want to share with all of you. However, with the time difference and my current hectic schedule it's near impossible to call/write everyone to update them on my adventure.

SO... I decided to start a blog to keep everyone up-to-date on a lot of things. So far my plan is to write about what I've seen, the things I've learned, where I've been and even stories I've been told (whether Alaska related or not bc I've heard some funny stuff). This may change along the way.

For the most part I'll likely be putting very small posts, more like bullets points, instead of the traditional longer posts (with the exception of this particular one and probably a few others). I hope this helps to make things less boring and more quick to get through because we all know that reading about my adventures won't be near as exciting as me living/writing them so I'll try go easy on you.

In addition, I've also started a sidebar that tells you all of the animals I've seen so far. Just for fun. It's not everyday someone sees a moose, bear, wolf, etc. (Well, unless you live in Alaska I suppose). I'm also learning a lot of words and phrases that I'll try to share with you as a closer for most of my posts.

Unfortunately, the only thing I managed to not bring to Alaska was my picture uploader for my computer/camera. I still haven't figured out how that happened but at any rate I've ordered another one that should be arriving soon. Until then you'll just have to imagine the things I've seen so far. I'll try to get them up as soon as possible.

For now I'm working on getting settled in and training so I haven't had much time to get started on this. I'll try to post as fast as possible because I already have a lot to say. Once I get started I'll try to post frequently (hopefully daily) so I won't be bombarding you with posts but for the time being I have a lot to posts and don't know when I'll be caught up.

Well I think that's all I have for now. Feel free to reply to posts. Let me know if you have questions about anything or suggestions for what I should do while I'm here. Thanks for reading. I love and miss you all.



P.S. The first word I learned was Cheechako (my blogs name). It means "new to Alaska" which I think you'll agree suits this blog and myself perfectly.

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