Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friday the 13th

Despite traveling on Friday the 13th and sitting in row 13, we didn’t have much bad luck but I can’t say the same for the woman I sat next to. When Bryce and I bought our tickets there weren’t many seats left to choose from but after changing them a few times we finally settled on a window seat for me and an aisle for him because we could at least be on the same row. He would have extra room in the aisle to stretch his legs and I would get to sleep on the window.

Perfect for us. Bad for the small short-haired business woman between us. She was forced to endure 6 hours under Bryce’s elbow on one side while I was snoring and drooling all over myself on the other. Talk about a bad sandwich! And that wasn’t the worst part. She didn’t wear her shoes to the bathroom. I know what you’re thinking. I was confused too. Gross! (Later while talking to her I decided to blame her poor decisions on her lack of sleep. It helped me wrap my mind around her willingness to subject her feet to that nightmare.)

Anyways, poor lady had a ten-hour flight from a business meeting in London and a 7-hour flight to Alaska with her socks soaked with lavatory surprise water. Who knows what was in that stuff. Moral of the story: Bryce and Mallory aren’t made for small spaces, never choose a middle seat while traveling alone, and certainly NEVER EVER don’t wear your shoes to a public potty.

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