Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moose Magic

We can all get on the internet or visit any gift shop in Alaska to see pictures of moose. However, not everyone is able to take their own moose picture and most people wouldn't want to get close enough to one to do so.

If you ever visit Alaksa you'll hear at least 1,000,501,435 times to not approach the moose. In fact, if you see a moose it is in your best interest to head the opposite direction. Especially if it's a cow with a calf (aka mama and baby moose).

I have seen seen around 8 adults and two babies since I've been here. I've approached them or had a camera readily available ZERO of these times. Luckily, my phone takes okay pictures but not the best from far away while on a bus. The picture you see is my only success and not such a good one at that.

The people who get excellent pictures of moose have one of three things: a super zoom camera, no fear of being mauled, or moose magic.

Here's hoping for my own moose magic. I'll keep you posted. ;-)

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